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Wealth Management

Financial planning is more than minimizing risk and protecting assets – it’s about managing your wealth. Lake Avenue Financial will do everything in our power to keep you focused on where you want to go, advise you on how to get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your dreams. Here are some of the many tools and portfolio options we use to manage our client's assets. 



To help stay on top of your financial life, we offer WealthCompass – a technology that provides you the comprehensive financial planning tools to assist in reaching your goals. This next-generation financial information and management tool allows you to organize, store and monitor all of your important financial data in one place. WealthCompass provides you with a level of coordination and control over your financial wellbeing which was previously unavailable.

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Core Portfolios

Lake Avenue Financial utilizes iShares ETFs in our Core Portfolios. These uniquely constructed portfolios are designed for times like these, when you need your investments to do more: appreciate in value, generate income, help manage risk and seek to preserve your assets for the long haul. Utilizing our own proprietary research, Lake Avenue Financial has been able to optimize the iShares Core ETF Portfolios for less risk and more reward potential. See how they fit together to start building your own personal solution.

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Income Portfolios

Lake Avenue Financial has designed the Income Portfolios to give clients an alternative solution to the traditional fixed income investment in this low interest rate environment. The Income Portfolios are fixed income investment strategies offering a range of potential yield levels. These portfolios are optimized for either taxable or retirement accounts. You can implement these strategies as the fixed income allocation within your broader portfolio or as a complement.

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Strategic Portfolios

In this ever-changing world full of market volatility and constant news flow, Lake Avenue Financial has created a solution that is designed to keep your portfolio proactive, not reactive to the market forces. The Strategic Portfolios are designed specifically to help clients mange their wealth by leveraging the strategic insights, research and deep tactical expertise that Lake Avenue Financial can deliver. 

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