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To fully understand your financial situation and organize your personal data into one consolidated view, we offer WealthCompass – a technology that provides our clients the comprehensive financial planning tools that help them reach their goals. This next-generation financial information and management tool allows you to organize, store and monitor all of your important financial and personal data in one place, which you can access from anywhere in the world via your own secure and protected Personal Financial website.

WealthCompass provides you with a level of coordination and control over your financial health which was previously unavailable, and allows us to better serve your financial needs. With this technology you can:

  • View All of Your Accounts Together with Balances Updated Daily
  • Store All of Your Important Documents in One Place
  • Create Alerts to Remind You of Important Tasks
  • Track All of Your Award Programs in One Place
  • Collaborate More Effectively with Your Advisors
  • As Well as Many Other Features

Click on the video below to take a tour of the WealthCompass technology!

Please click on the button below to access WealthCompass.

To set up WealthCompass for your financial accounts, please contact us at (866) 528-3660.

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